Graphic Design & Artwork

A selection of just a few of the piece of artwork I have created for various clients, including myself.

CheckMate Tutors logo

A rework of the original logo created by previous designer.

Filigree Mask logo

Fresh new logo for the group.

Little Girl Big Voice promo pics

Clean-up and tweak of promotional shots.

St Laurence-in-Thanet Church Christmas flyer

Create a flyer from scratch advertising their Christmas fair.


Just a few of the recent animations I have created, both for use on educational videos for CheckMate Tutors.

Aristotle and the Burger animation

A mix of a still photgraph and an animated burger – used for an educational video.

In jail animation

A woman being put in jail – used for an educational video.


Just a few of the recent videos I have edited and produced.

Little Girl Big Voice Cover Video

This is a video I put together with a cover song I recorded for my ‘Little Girl Big Voice’ YouTube Channel.

How-to guide for CheckMate Tutors

This video was scripted by the client – I filmed, produced, edited and animated this video.