Here below are just some of the websites, pages or website functionality I have put together for some of my clients.  These show the range of my abilities.

CheckMate Tutors
(Full website)

The client wanted a platform to be able to share educational content and also for students to login to a Google Classroom. 

Facere Melius
(News page)

The client wanted a news archive which they could easily add to.  They also wanted the ability for people to recieve updates when news articles were post.

Womble Services Ltd
(Full website)

The client wanted a basic site for customers to see their services and to interact with them.

Medichem Int
(Full website)

The client wanted a brand new site showcasing their products and also the services they offer.

Cerulean Hybrid Yachts
(Full website)

The client required a website which showed their current boat models, where customers could see information about these boats and connect with them about their products.

Little Girl Big Voice
(Full website)

I wanted to create a great site that my followers and also potential clients wishing to book me could connect with me, find out more about what I do, who I am.

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